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Nice post, Doug!

Great job posting this Doug. I Already see 1-2 people who might do their own now after reading it and who knows how many lurkers!

I finally broke down and bought a machine last year and it really makes short work of it. WIth the prices my local dealer gets for rubber and for changing it... I'll pay for it in 4 sets of tires. My wife was even ok with that math! But doing it as Doug shows here is good to know how to do! Hard to drag your tire machine with you on a trip, so always good to know how to spoon one on. I always carry two kinds or patching/plugging systems with me and one of those mini compressors (have had mixed luck with the little CO2 cartridges).

I've just started using Dynabeads for balancing. I have the Marc Parnes balancer, but the beads are quicker and I can recover 95% of them when I use my tire machine. The dealer usually has the lowest paid mechanic doing the tire changes and I've seen some pretty poor balancing jobs and scratching from them. And some badly cupped tires 3-4000 miles later. Don't get that doing it myself!

Thanks for taking the time to post that! Hopefully it'll give more people the confidence to try it themselves. It sure is important to save where we can in this economy!
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