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Originally Posted by harlie75
That's the first time I have seen a 3/4 ton (2500) pickup with 1/2 ton wheels (6 bolt).

What TRUCK wheels?? Oh yeah.........

That is a "light duty 3/4 ton" Chevy. I wanted something to pull a horse trailer, bike trailer, haul firewood and other loads, etc. without having to put up with the pogo stick ride of a heavy duty 3/4 ton truck and this was just the ticket. I factory-ordered it with the towing package, cold weather package, 5 speed standard tranny, etc. It's got standard duty 3/4 ton frame, gearbox, axles, rear end, etc. but lighter duty suspension so the ride is very nice. I bought it in 1994 and it still purrs like a kitten with 130,000 hard truck miles on it. In 15 years and 130K miles I've had only three sets of tires on it and the only mechanical things that have gone wrong were a clutch (wear item) at 90K, leaking oil cooler hoses, and leaking intake manifold gaskets. I will drive it until it can't go any farther, but it looks to be one that will live forever.

So anyway, thanks for the comments. I think it's imperative to know how to fix and maintain your own bike if you plan to do long-distance touring and tires are really easy yet the most critical element of a safe trip. I carry enough stuff with me to fix anything short of a total blowout and it's saved my day several times. I carry new valve stems too, because those damned things have been known to blow out. The plugging kits and CO2 cartridge fillers are almost useless in my experience; I've used them and they worked to get me going again to a better spot to fix the tire, but the can't be trusted like a good plug-patch.

My last tire change and balance on my RT took about 45 minutes start to finish, all by myself, and the RT takes longer than the GS because of the front fender and different rear wheel attachment. This is really not difficult.

Happy New Year!

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