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Sani Pass – Roof of Africa

5 o’clock. We are ready for adventure.

On the road to Sani Pass.

“The valley of thousand hills”

The road is full of monkeys. When we are stoped for the photos they are hiding in the trees.

Just a little bit of sludge to worm up.

On the gas station I left my right glove. I notice that very soon, after 50 km. So, if you see some guy on the photos, riding in Africa, with one winter and one summer glove, don’t worry. That is very fancy in Africa those days.

English breakfast in the middle of nowhere.

Sani Pass – Roof of Africa

Sani Pass, a beautiful mountain pass witch is only connection between Kwa Zulu Natal and Lesotho. Only a good 4X4 vehicles or enduro motorcycles can drive on it because of the really bad parts of the pass. In the years before, Sani Pass was part of the famous enduro race “Roof of Africa”. This race is called also “The mother of hardenduro”. Now, Roof is moved deeply in Lesotho. Ivan is one of the good competitors from the Roof of Africa.

By, by SAR. On the top of Sani Pass is the border of Lesotho. I need visa for Lesotho, witch I don’t have. But, I will think about that later. First we must get there.

We have many small water crossings.

The road is become harder. I don’t have photos of the hardest part because something else is on my mind there. Survival.

Sani Pass

We meet this man on the way up and give him some dry meat witch Ivan’s cousin Bruno gave us for the trip. He is happy.

On the way up.

Another two people on the way up. Hiking. If I think now, I am not sure are there two people there. Maybe, one of them is result of my tired mind.

Last stop.

Sanni Pass is done!

Lesotho, here we are!

next........... Lesotho, back on Sani Pass, Drakensberg......

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