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OK, I voted yes but there would need to be some sort of control - otherwise bikers would wreak havoc. Note that in the UK lane splitting is illegal whereas filtering is legal (go ahead and try to define the difference).

The US is about the only country I know of where lane splitting is not allowed (except California of course). Unfortunately, I believe that most states may be too far gone for it to be practical to change now - even though I'd like to see it.

Everywhere I've ridden between lanes, 90%+ of drivers are aware you are there and most of those will move over to let you through. In the US, I would expect a good proportion of drivers would deliberately close the gap. Have had numerous Louisiana drivers very deliberately move to run me off the road rather than let me pass on the shoulder when I experimented with sneaking past rather than remaining stuck in a solid, barely moving jam in sweltering heat, etc. Selfish pricks would risk killing someone rather than let them "get ahead".
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