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Get better gear if it bugs you. One of the big upsides to drinking the Aerostich Kool-Aid is that you can get in and out of the suit in about 3.2 seconds. If you can afford one, they're said to be the bee's knees for commuters.

I dunno -- I don't really think about it. Some mornings I don't feel like showering or brushing my teeth, but it's sort of just automatic and part of what you have to do to be a functioning human. Same for gearing up.

I find that I'm a lot more comfortable in proper gear, so it's well worth it even for short trips. A lot of the "biker bros" around here make cracks about my helmet and gear, but they tend to shut up when I happily mention I just rode 300 miles before lunch in complete comfort -- you simply can't do that in a black t-shirt and do-rag.

I also find that the few seconds it takes to put on the gear are also useful for getting into the proper attentive/paranoid/hyper-alert state of mind you need on a bike. When the helmet slides over my head, something wakes up in my brain.

You know the scene in every adventure movie when they're gearing up to kick ass? Strapping on knives, loading shotguns, slinging grenades, click, clack, ka-chunk? Same deal with putting on your riding armor -- you're gearing up to kick ass and take names...
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