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There are times where I am in a hurry, I am already late, the kids are milling around and it is just a madhouse. I just need to get OUT. So I end up driving to the store or whatever. So yeah, sometimes I pitch the ride because gearing up can be a bother.

BUT, riding is something I enjoy, and I wouldn't ride without my gear anymore than an astronaut would take a spacewalk without a suit, or a fighter pilot would get in his plane without a g-suit. Its just the right thing to wear.

When life isn't a hurry, I like gearing up. It reminds me of putting on clothing in a dojo for martial arts practice. Its a time for meditation and consideration. Its a ritual that puts me into a different mind-set. Off come the clothes of the everyday, the father, the husband, let the mind release the worries of the day. Put on the gi, become the warrior who is aware of everything and lets no detail slip by. Deep drink of relaxing and calmness. And then, as another poster comment, "go kick some ass".
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