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Originally Posted by RidingQWERTY
I got mine about three months ago and just love it. Previously had a Gas Gas Pampera 250 so it was like going from a twig to a fence-post but I'm amazed how easy it is to take (almost) all the places I used to take the Pampera, plus a lot more besides (like on the road!) It's a '93, with a WR450 pipe (sounds great!!) and the airbox has been opened up a bit. As far as I know the jetting is standard and works fine. I've put a Ventura frame on it and have a bag for that, but for most day rides I leave the grab bar only on. I've got the XR's only choke plate and fitted that. Also picked up a second hand Ascerbis tank (22 litre?) which is a bit faded so looking at ways to restore or re-color. Tyres are Michelin AC10's which are great off road but I'd really like to get a spare set of wheels for quick swaps to some more road tyres. It's got CR high bend fat bars with Zeta risers which fit on top of the original risers giving I think about 48mm total rise - originally got these to clear the new tank but they actually are very good for riding standing too. I totally enjoy this bike... (with the original tyres and the new tank) (ventura rack fitted) (Bayleys Beach, Northland NZ with the AC10's fitted)
Great first post! Any more up-close of the rack mounting bracket? I've never seen one so versatile that you can change it out like that, cool!
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