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Originally Posted by C Squared
Just had this talk with a buddy out in the shop...
I gave him shit for his helmut and shorts etc. gear that he shows up in...
He said that comfort is more important!
I allways wear gloves and a jacket and boots and helmut!
leather or kevlar or just jeans for the legs.. Never a t-shirt etc.....

OK, my buddy and I went to TGIF to have a dinner and drink a couple of years ago from a motel in SD.. We threw our legs over the bikes and drove maybe 1/2 mile without helmut etc. We both commented on how wrong it felt really kinda freaked us out!

You make your decision and you live with it!

FYI my wife had a truck left turn in front of her nearly 15 years ago after the driver let me pass.... She was in full leathers and helmut etc...
Still broke her pelvis in 3 places 4 broken ribs, lazerated liver, collapsed lung, compound fracture of the elbow and severed ulner nerve, crushed wrist etc, etc..... 3 plus months later she was out of the wheel chair!
She has done 1/2 marathons since Great doctors!
But, without ATGATT she would have been dead or nearly so1
Well she was nearly so...
I use her helmut in my classes as a safety prop!

Hey, worship whatever you want and dress however you want!
If you don't ride ATGATT your insurance should be 5 times what mine is!
Pay for the risk/privalage
You can die with gear, too, you know. I just don't like when people think they can ride riskier because they are geared up.
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