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Joburg - Toy Run

After almost 3000km, mostly off road, we are very tired. I was sleep like a baby. We have two reasons for our come back to Joburg. This weekend is reserved for the Toy Run and on Monday Ivan's father Angelo must go on a heart surgery.

Today is „take it easy“ day. We are going to visit some moto shops in Joburg. I will buy the most imortant moto accessories in Africa. Camel pack.

Lunch with Eddie Murphy.

We must do something useful today. Try to animate '94 Honda CR after few years in the garage. Can we do that?

Little bit of cleaning, little bit of fuel and beautiful noise of the two stroke bike is in the air. And lot's of smoke, off course.

We spend this afternoon playing on the farm.

The day of rest is finished. Let's go to bed, hard weekend is in front of us.

Toy Run

Largest Motorcycle charity event in the world with over 50 000 motorcycles include all over SAR. The Toy Run was originally started by Biker individuals in 1982. In 1996 the TOY RUN COMPANY was founded and registered as a section 21 company and directors appointed from the organizing committee. The directors, the organizing committee and the distributing Round Tables are comprised of volunteers and no remuneration for the many hours of work is expected by them, or given by the Motorcycle Toy Run Company. Every year more than 30 000 toys were collected and distributed.

Dirk and Ivan are in organization of Toy Run. They organized Off Road Toy Run and we will be part of that this weekend. Our base for next two days will be „Dirk Bronco“ place out of Joburg.

Today we will marking the track with the stickers for the run tomorow. We will do that for our Adventure group. Dirt bikes and Quads have other tracks.

Here we are. Trying to find the best track for tomorow.

They are all lovers of good off road riding.

We are back at Dirt Bronko. Last consultations before the race tomorow.

Late afternoon we come back to Ivan's farm. Steven is here also. Ivan's friend. He will come also on the run tomorow with his other bike KLR 650.

Dinner in the Ivan's cousin house and after that to the other cousins place on the birthday party. We must go home early becouse it will be hard day tomorow.

Toy Run – The day

People are coming. Mens and Womens. From 7 to 77.

This is coming to the Toy Run.

The „Marshall“ of the internacional group. Large group. With one man. Me. It is not easy to look after this group.

Ivan & Mozi

Two Dirk's love.

People are coming. Toy truck is filling up.

He is watching and think about his bike in the future.

Before the start.

I am almost ready.

The run

Dirt bikes started first in a few groups, than Quads, and after them we are started in our Adventure group. Maybe 30 bikes in our group. The race was very good. On the half way we are stoped in some Bar to wait for everybody in the group. Before that one motorcycle want to feel the deep send. It was golden Transalp. If you know the rider tell him that in the deep send you need to speed up and keep the head up. After 30 seconds the Transalp is on the road again. The run was finished after 2 hours all together. It was very nice and I meet many good people there. After the run big party was organized but we can't stay long becouse we must going to another Ivan's cousin on a lunch.

Only one photo from the run.

Here you can see famous singer for Croatia on the stage. This man in white shirt desperately want to turn of the microphone. I don't know why!?

Now,it's better.

Some of the toys will be in his hands. And in the hands of many poor children in Africa. That is what makes all of the participants happy.

We are leaving the party and go on a lunch to Ivan's cousins place. We are very tired and dirty. And very hapy also.

Uninvited guest

Ivan's old '84 XR in his cousin garage. Let's try it. We didn't ride for so long.

After lunch or dinner and a bath another nice day in Africa is finished.

next.................The King, food, motorcycles, impressions
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