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Originally Posted by 3power
You can die with gear, too, you know. I just don't like when people think they can ride riskier because they are geared up.
Yup, the wife came near to death with full gear.
No part of my post said that I would ride "riskier" with or without gear!

Of course if you choose to push it a bit gear seems like a smart choice.

And, it isn't the diein' type crash I worry about. It is the slide down the road for a bit thing.... Somebody takes you to the hospital for some puttin back together or you get up and say I need to buy new leathers (etc.) and a helmut.

Buddy hit a dear going 60 at night (came from behind a row of pines)
T-boned it it died right there on the road! His bike (totaled) slid another 150 yards and he was another 30+ yards down the road.
Pretty mush destroyed his leather jacket, chaps, boots, gloves, and helmut.
He didn't have a scratch on him and broke his collar bone.

Coulda killed him but didn't. Lookin' at the gear after I don't know where they would have found skin to graft into the places that would have needed it. Not to mention the probable head trauma.

Both this and my wifes accident were people just riding. Not pushing any limit or drinking etc.

Gear is cuz ya just don't know when shit may happen.
I can explain it to you, but, I can't understand it for you.
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