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Friday, Day 3:
So after going through a Friday morning road block with Virginia’s Finest, we were on the parkway again. It was nice to breathe the morning air and to be back in the saddle.

Here is the first view we came to Friday morning; it was a great place to stop.

Of course, a couple more pics of the bikes.

This was what was ahead, and it was a sign of what was to come.

A lot happened between the last shot and this one. Once getting around Roanoke, VA, we found a sport touring dream! There were some great sweepers north of Roanoke, and we took full advantage of them…which explains the reason for no pics. It was some of the best riding I have done on the F800st! Here are a couple of pics as we were getting close to the end of the parkway.

Since there is a pic here of the R1150R, I thought I would mention how much I like this bike! Steve and I had traded bikes earlier in the day, and I got to spend some serious seat time on the R1150R. This bike is completely opposite of my bike, so it took me a few minutes to get used to it. First thing I noticed was the seat, it is a wide supporting seat compared to the F800st seat. Second thing I noticed was the boxer engine; I own a R90/6 and I am a big fan of the boxers. The boxer engines have a pleasant vibration that I just really enjoy. As I was riding the R1150R, I really appreciated the torque from the engine. Riding in 5th gear on the parkway was a blast on this bike. There is enough power to break laws but the vibrations are very low and pleasing.

I was really enjoying riding that day! At one point, we were riding along a ridge that was mostly shaded and I got to enjoy some great views of the Shenandoah Valley. I was riding the R1150R and I remember looking down at the gauges and I noticing the chrome trim rings bursting with little bits of sunlight that was popping through the trees. The temps were perfect and the wind was nice and steady. As I looked up to the road again, I glanced to my left and looked down over the valley. What a beautiful view that was, it was as if I was flying. I wonder if this is what BMW has in mind when the came up with the phrase, “BMW the ultimate driving machine?” As I looked forward again, I gently pushed on the bar to enter a slight right turn, and the view was gone as fast as it appeared. For a couple of seconds it felt as if everything was perfect. A perfect day while riding a great bike with great views, this is what I hope to experience every time I ride.

The road!

More Soon!
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