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Originally Posted by Sidviscous
I would have to say that the BRP is a national treasure preserved for motorcyclists. They can't spend enough of my tax money maintaining that thing. Too bad you had fog on the lower section because that's the most spectacular scenery in the eastern US. If you have a day off and clear skies, do the Cherokee to Linville section again. The best time to really "Ride, or should I say Rail" the parkway is on a weekday in early May. Spring comes late to the ridge and without the leaves on the trees, the roadway is clean and the sight lines excellent. About ten years ago I had the opportunity to do the whole BRP in a day on my Kawasaki ZX7R. It was May 6th, clear skies, temp about 43 degrees when I started and never got to 60, Didn't care, as had as I was working. I saw three cars and no bikes the entire 570 mile day. I passed one park ranger who was parked at the side of the road chewing the fat with the guy that was suppossed to be cutting the grass. I went past at about 70, all he did was wave a finger at me and went back to talking. I guess he knew the parkway was empty and didn't want to spoil my day. The Kawasaki spent the day howling at redline and never missed a beat. I pulled into Waynesboro Va. well after dark, exhausted but "buzzin". It was hard to get to sleep. Best day ever!!
Take a day off work and try it again in the spring, it just gets better each time you ride it. Sid
+1, I did the whole thing the second week of May, saw less than 10 cars the whole way!!! Pinned the throttle and had a blast!!!
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