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Originally Posted by cisco
Mine did this on the way to my 600 mi. service. I road it from Flagstaff to Tucson with one stop for gas. As I got close to Tucson the traffic slowed for the construction. The engine died as if I shut it off,Would not re-lite with the tire turning at 60mph in the fast lane. I pulled over and it restarted in neutral. This happened one more time on the freeway, and again at the exit. Then at every stop lite on the way to the shop. It finely would not restart. I got a free ride on a tow truck to the dealer that was waiting for me to show up after hours.They found me a room for the night( thanks John). The next a.m. I went to the shop,my bike was on the work stand. After completing the service the tech started in on the stalling. NO codes. They let the the bike sit running until the fan came on, it ran and ran. The tech went on a short ride, still running fine. They let it run an other 30 min. , Finally it stalls! The whole shop started to cheer. Ok lets bypass the charcoal canister. Restart.... runs fine, " this must be the problem", no sooner did he say that the thing dies. OK maybe that wasn't it. Let's check the relays. This one doesn't sound right. Change the relay, runs and runs.Cool I can make it back to Flagstaff before the snow sticks. It dies again. Only thing left is the fuel pump, not in stock. The dealer sets me up with a scooter to get home( thanks again John) and I got there just as the snow starts to stick.That was three weeks ago, and still no fuel pump. The service manager informed me on Friday that BMW has the pump on back order! with 40 inches of snow on the ground and more on the way it's not urgent, but what if I was traveling. The only thing the dealer can do is diagnose the problem and order parts. It seems that BMW keeps hamstringing their dealers, first the delay from March to Sept. now not backing them with parts. I got rid of a 950 Adv. because of this kind of BS. I hope this is the end and not the beginning.
Thanks Cisco,

Would yours run normally on a full tank of gas? If it were the fuel pump, would the fuel level matter?

I hope to hell that my local dealer can fix the problem. They don't get many of these bikes out here. I want to go armed with a list of possible causes to the issue.

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