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First of all, I'm sorry for digging up such an old thread. However, I searched the site and the Index Threads, and this thread is very closely related to my current issue.

As I was checking the valve clearances (valve lash?) on my 2003 LC4 Adventure, I discovered that the exhaust side rockers had about 0.7mm of axial clearance, while the intake side rockers were right on (based on the information in this thread, at least...) at 0.3mm. (The bike currently has approximately 18tkm on it, but as I just recently acquired it, I have no further knowledge of previous usage or maintenance.)

Even though Creeper already wrote a few words on the importance of having the correct axial clearance on the rockers, I am still slightly confused as to exactly what harm will the excess clearance cause?

In addition, I am hoping that some of the more knowledgeable folks could chime in on this thread, specifically on how to actually adjust the clearance on the rocker arms. It is my current understanding that the process is quite tedious, involving taking the engine out of the frame. There seems to be minimal room to even perform simple valve clearance inspections and adjustments with the engine in the frame.

So, should I start reading/translating the Indexed engine removal guide in preparation for the clearance adjustment or just relax about the whole issue and deal with it "later"?


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