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Originally Posted by rufus
9 months..... that's how long mine sat, untouched, after I broke both wrists. It started on the first kick even with the old gas. I had mine (05 model) for 8 years. I sold it to a friend who only rides 2 or 3 times per year. He says it still always starts first kick after sitting for months and months. If Honda would bring the xr 600 back with e-start and a 6 speed it would be a huge success.
Mine started on about the 10th kick. It's an 86 and I'm the original owner. It doesn't idle worth a damn. I'm going to run it for a while with some Seafoam in the tank. I hope that cleans it out. If not, I'll have to take the carbs off, and twin-carbs are no fun to work on.

I agree with you about bringing back the XR600R. I'd line up to buy an e-start 6 speed.
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