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Originally Posted by paulms
I sent a general e-mail into adventure spec and Chris replied within the hour wanting to find a way to make it right and get to the bottom of the issue... that's good service.

I made a second attempt this evening to install the bars but thought I'd sequence it differently to see if I could work around the misalignment. First off the left bar was a perfect fit and did make me realize that something was amiss on the right. But on the right I decided to install the lower mounting 'plate' that takes two bolts first and then see if I could make the alignment of the upper single bolt work. This is the opposite sequence recommended however since the single bar that spans from the lower plate to the upper 'c' shaped bar is somewhat flexible (when not secured at the top) I was able to muscle the alignment into place and thread the upper bolt into place. Not pretty but it did work and without stripping any bolts.

This makes me think that it was something that happened in shipping since I was able to make it work with a little elbow grease. Even though there was only cosmetic damage on the bars the paper and plastic wrapped package was a mess when it arrived and I thought I would open it to find bent and battered bars.

All in all in the end the bar configuration is still my preferred solution so I'm happy with the ending although not perfect... and I have to add again that Chris was very responsive and looking for the best possible resolution out of gate.
I got my bars as well with the same batch as yours (recieved on the 28th too) and mine fit with no problems what so ever. Perfect alignement with all the bolts so it sounds like yours for sure got bent in transport. Also my plastic and paper where completely in tact when arrived with no scratches. It would take a lot of force to bend these bars.
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