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Originally Posted by 3power
The men I ride with don't think that way. But if you read some internet forums, you'll see what I'm talking about. To say these folks don't exist is putting your head in the sand. I find it humorous that you tried to twist my post into something about my judgment and those I ride with
ahh..the internet. I can find thousands of idiots going about their idiot business...then posting it on youtube.

But I seldom see those type of posts here and the other places I like to go. Perhaps it is where I associate with others?

Are there people like that? Of course.

In the course of my preferred reading and research do I see much or any of it? No.

More importantly, do I know anyone personally like that? No.

I tend to look at this particular thread as a discussion about street riding, or at the most adventure riding, so I can understand that a dirt rider might feel differently.
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