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Laugh Alabama Tag-o-Rama

It started in Ohio

Then it moved to Virginia

I brought the game to Pennsylvania

When I was visiting Alabama, I found out y'all didn't have a game going. Now you do.

This game is intended to give folks an excuse to get out and ride (like ya need one) and learn more about the place you call home. (Alabama Tag-o-Rama google map)

Rules are easy...

#1 - Find the tag and reproduce the photo (as best as possible). The first person to post a found tag gets to place the next tag. If you get a tag, but somebody else posts their picture first, you lose.

#2 - Take the tag to a new location, get the photo and post it here (pre-staging is allowed, see rule #4). Give a few hints so the next person can figure out where the tag is located. Try to place the tags in interesting locations, maybe a bit of history that can be found down some nice twisties.

#3 - Tag must be findable. Dirt roads are allowed. Please use the Dirty-Diesel Scale (or DDS) when appropriate.

0= nice paved road
1= rough older paved road
2= maintained gravel road
3= maintained dirt road
4= unmaintained dirt or gravel road
5= double track jeep trail

#4 - As of 02/19/09, file photos are permitted for DROPPING a new tag. You still must ride to the tag to grab it. If using a file photo, the same bike that is used for grabbing the existing tag must be in the tag drop photo.

#5 - No whining. If you have a valid sugestion to improve the game, we can listen to that. If you just wanna bitch and moan because you got Bruce'd, do it elsewhere.

Now that the rules are taken care of, here is the first tag.

This dam can be found in northern Alabama. It was the first dam to provide hydroelectric power to Northern AL.

Go find it y'all.
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