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Originally Posted by bigtrailie
Thanks for the photo RidingQWERTY. It looks like you have stacked two lower "riser" sections mounted. Is that correct?

It appears to be:
Stock triple clamp bar mount under a thin riser, under a thicker riser, then bar, then the upper.

I'd be interested in duplicating your set-up. Any problems with throttle cables binding? Thanks again.
When I bought it the fat bars were on it with the small riser which really is just an adapter for the fat bars (Taper Contour CR High bend). The riser I added is a Zeta SX Bar rise kit for 28.6mm bar which gives a 30mm lift (part no. ZE53-0230). Just went straight on bolting into the adapter with the standard bolts. No problems with cables binding at all.
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