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Originally Posted by ROYAL COACHMAN
During a recent 900 mile trip over the holidays, I encountered heavy thunderstorms and had to ride through. (no exits) My F800 died 3 times on the highway in the down pour when pulling in the clutch to down shift or up shift. The bike would re start every time with the starter button, and I could continue on my way. My bike had 1000 miles at that point and my dealer told me it had the firmware up date prior to delivery. My dealer is contacting bmwna about this problem.
This might be a separate issue.

I have had the same thing happen on an RT and last fall on the ST. The cause was moisture in the sidestand switch, which either a couple operations of the switch or a little WD-40 fixes. For my wife's RT, we replaced the switch and the dealer showed me how to build a cheater cable using the old switch to fake out the relay if it ever failed on the road again - don't think that trick is as simple on the 800's - don't know where the connector for the switch is.

As an aside, that is the reason we went with two way radios many years ago. After finding that my wife wasn't behind me anymore and then being flagged down by a trucker to tell me that she was 10 miles back on the side of the road. She was not happy when I finally got back to where she was.

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