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OK, I'll take the bait.

Even though I do know better and have tons of good gear (Aerostich Darien, several Arai FFs, Motoport Kevlar, leather track gear, etc...) I have to admit that I REALLY enjoy riding without a helmet. I'll even ride over to MT and ID solely for the purpose of riding sans helmet.

I have no idea why but riding without a helmet really floats my boat and is that much more fun than riding with. I ride half helmet where legally required but I'll stop aat the border and take even my haldf helmet off. And it's not that I want to be a risk taker, I just really enjoy riding that much more without a helmet.

On my K1100RS I always ride with a FF because it's a full on wind blast.

I wouldn't say that I purposefully ride riskier with a helmet but I do ride less riskier riding without a helmet. I know that I'm more exposed and I ride slower because I have no absolutely desire to take a bird strike without a FF on. I remember one day doing "a good clip" along Lake Roosevelt in AZ w/o a helmet and though I really didn't get that close, one bird was close enough to make me reoconsider how fast I ride w/o a helmet so when I ride w/o a helmet it's more about the ride vs. the riding and I do take it easier.

And even though I don't always have a helemt on, I always have at least Draggin Jean and a good leather mesh jacket. ATGATT from the neck down.
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