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I did a trip from Edmonton to Lake City, Colorado in August, wearing two piece leathers- I switched to jeans for one day in Wyoming and Idaho when it was really hot- but I don't feel safe without full gear.
I coasted down the West side of Logan Pass helmetless just because I could- but I felt dirty after...

At work motorcycles get the prime parking spots- and since it's a motorcycle related work place people are always wandering around clad in motorcycle gear.
So unlike some workplaces that require changing clothes and have crappy parking spots- it makes the commute worth while and I don't drive the car (van) from the end of Feb until (this year) December.

I have a ballistic jacket and a leather one, two pairs of leather (road race style) pants, and three pairs of boots.
Several helmets including a flip-up and an open face- full fingered gloves, 3 pairs.

BUT! I can only wear one helmet, jacket, pair of pants- at a time- and when I plant myself I want to be dressed for it.
I used to wear the open face with my old Triumph, or when teaching riding courses so the students could see me and hear me- but since buying a higher quality full-face helmet I seldom take it off.

The leather jacket is good for hot days as well- but I need cooler pants.

So hot weather pants are next on the list- although living in Canada means winter and no riding for a couple or 3 months of the year- it also means that for most of the summer it's not too hot to wear full gear.
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