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i've worked a bunch of mc wrecks and have wrecked as well. i left the e.r. without a scratch to show for my stupidity(i was riding beyond my skill level). smacked my head, shoulder, brused ribs, very swollen ankle, sore hip. i was wearing full on gear. still, i was out of work for a week. there would have been a lot of road rash had i been not wearing gear. i will not ride without it.

the skin damage to the non gear wearing riders is severe. palms of the hands ground off. exposed bone. big time facial trauma with the puddin' bowl helmets. all that comes with giant medical bills. wearing proper gear can reduce the severity of injury immensely to the point of hobbling away from a get off rather than getting loaded into a bambulance.

i think its safe to say all of the people, including me, did not plan on wrecking the day they went down.

stay vigilant and wear your gear
the people who love you and care about you appreciate it as well.

ride well and stay safe.

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