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West Virginia has provided so much that I have enjoyed for so long, this "Motorsickle Marker Madness" is an easy, enjoyable means of giving a little back. It involves a lot of my favorite things--map study, weather study, history research, a little motorcycle maintenance, finding out who has good coffee and WIFI, and, best of all, a ride with a purpose. Not that I don't like an aimless ride. Most of my miles have been just that...aimless. This will get me into areas I have not ventured into before. I'm laying out some "2-dayers" for next summer. Looking on maps for places to camp, connecting twisty roads with historical markers.

The pnoman has taken on a significant undertaking, managing this collection of markers, passing information on to concerned agencies, and dealing with the collective that makes up ADVrider. If sentenced to this task by the courts, the ACLU would rise to his defense, claiming cruel and unusual punishment.

We ain't put a dent in this project yet. With over 700 of these signs sticking up all over the place, Stevie Wonder could get his limit by lunch.
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