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Well, there are a few issues with ATGATT for me. One the initial pre-ride suitup and then the actual ride.

If I want a burger I can grab the carkeys, my jacket and I'm gone. If I take the bike I have to change into long pants, put on boots, helmet and gloves. Then uncover the bike and unlock the chain. Warm up the motor. Than unsuit all the gear once I'm back. That is a lot of hassle for a 10 minute run to BK.

During the ride I often wonder how the ride would b without all the gear. I mean it's a nice day, wind is blowing in my face, birds singing etc and here I am in my tall leather boots, armored pants, armored jacket, leather gloves and full helmet. It's like going to the beach wearing coveralls and a overcoat along with an umbrella.

Not that I would ride without teh gear but sometimes it does take away from the 'freedom of the road' experience.

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