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Originally Posted by tmex
It is more work than meets the eye. On a bolt for which Loctite is recommended you must remove the bolt reapply the Loctite and then torque correctly. Turning a bolt with Loctite breaks the bond and renders the Loctite useless. When I see guys reefing on their sprocket bolts before a ride I just shake my head.
Reapplying loctite is work? C'mon.

Originally Posted by Nemesis
Why not? Because you would not be using the correct procedure as spec'ed out by BMW for the retorque of these bolts. It's a two stage process much like the boxer engine head bolt retorque at the 600 mile service.

But you guys who know better than BMW, go ahead and crank away....

Nothing personal - I'm just surprised to find so many posts about returning this bike to the dealer for wrenching basic stuff. I mean learning the procedures and cranking away is inherent to owning an enduro.
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