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XR650R electricity

Long time listener, first time caller. Just purchased a 2003 XR650R for adventure transformation and electronics are next on the list. I've read a good number of posts about stator upgrades but haven't found answers to a couple specific questions.

Bike came with standard cheezy dual sport conversion kit, using stock stator with addition of battery. Can I install a high output stator (of rewind it myself) that outputs only AC and ditch the DC battery setup? I don't mind that lights and signals and cooling fan won't work unless the bike is on. Or do I need DC circuitry to run components like GPS and cooling fan?

So, if it's better to install a stator that does both DC and AC (2x100w or something), do I need to get higher-rated recifiers/regulators? Would a high output stator burn up the stock AC reg and the lame dual sport DC stuff? How about al the bulbs in the signals and tail light?

What kind of high output stator would be best? Some specify things like 2x100w or 2x125w and some only spec. 250w. It seems that some are designed to give separate DC and AC output, but others (including a home rewind) only beef up the existing stock AC output....?

Can somebody learn me what is a good setup for me? I'd like to use a better bulb in the headlight for some decent seeing capabilities, run the KTM cooling fan kit, and have the option for a GPS. I already have a trip computer that is internal battery powered.

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