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Originally Posted by whitetiger7654
I love to ride my bike many for many reasons. But sometimes it seems like ATGATT takes the fun and desire out of it. I may be thinking great weather today, but when I think about getting all geared up I'm just like forget it. It's more like work. Do you guys ever get like this?
The PIA factor is why I don't take the bike to work.

Some of you can get geared up in 5 minutes? Good for you, I can't.

Here is my commute via car:
Get dressed for work, put on coat, grab gym bag, lunch and purse, get in car, drive 7 minutes to work, park in parking lot, grab purse, lunch and gym bag, head into work. Put down bags, take off coat, sit in chair for 8 hours...Elapsed time 12 minutes.

Here is my commute via bike:
Put work appropriate shirt on, put on riding pants and tall socks for riding boots. Pack pants, socks and shoes for work. Grab gym bag, lunch, purse and clothes, head to garage. Attempt to put everything into the hard bags of bike. Put riding boots on. Put on electric jacket and wind triange. Wonder where my badge is for work. Go back up stairs to retrieve car keys, head to car to retrieve badge. Put on riding coat, zip up two layer zipper. Remember that I haven't pulled out the cord for Gerbing jacket. Unzip outter coat, retrieve power cord. Ponder usefulness of electrics as I begin to sweat. Put on helmet. Take off helmet. Put in ear plugs. Put on helmet. Open garage door. Search for just the right pair of gloves for weather. Notice the wrong face shield is on helmet. Take off helmet, change face shield. Put on helmet. Pull SO's big honking bike out of garage, pull my own bike out of garage, start up big honking bike and drive back into garage.
Enjoy new garage door opener, close garage door. See that lights are still on. Open garage door, shut off light, close door. Sit on bike, search for electric power end, plug in. Watch glove fall off other side of bike. Undo electric plug, put bike on side stand, retrieve glove, replug jacket. Take calming breathes. Click on heated jacket, put on gloves, put down face shield. Wonder were sunglasses are....screw it, I'll squint. Back away from garage, ride 7 minutes to work. Elapsed time so far 23 minutes. Find motorcycle only parking in garage, back in carefully. Take off helmet, set on tank. Open both hard cases to retrieve, work clothes, gym bag, lunch and purse. Attempt to carry all this crap into work. Answer stupid observer questions related to the weather and riding to work. Drop off bags at office, continue on to ladies locker room to change. Remove jacket, boots, socks and riding pants, stuff into two tiny lockers. Put on work clothes, roll eyes in disgust over wrinkles. Put on socks and shoes. Head to mirror. Attempt to brush hair into something appropriate for the office. Head back to office, sit in chair for 8 hours. Elapsed time 35 minutes.
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