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If convenience is the critical variable, the cage wins going away. Not even a contest.

SheRides: any chance you could store clothes at the office? Not knowing how dressy your office is, and recognizing the simple fact that this is harder for women than men -- I knew a woman who rode to work, and she worked in a relatively formal environment. She had to look professional. She solved the problem by turning a vertical metal storage cabinet (same color and finish as a metal file cabinet, but has two vertical doors with shelves inside) into an armoire -- took out enough top shelves so she could hang clothes from the top, and store shoes and folded clothes on two shelves on the bottom. She standardized her work wardrobe around two high quality lightweight wool pantsuits in dark colors (black and navy, I think), two or three pairs of shoes, and three or four shirts. Grooming tools and supplies were in a bag slightly larger than a man's shaving kit.

The only clothes she took every day were one clean shirt, to replace the one she brought home the night before. When she arrived, she'd shed her gear into the cabinet, grab the suit, shirt, and grooming bag, and change. Coming back, she'd store her riding clothes and put on her dressy shoes. Ten minutes.

I'm guessing you can fill in the other details; I'm working from memory here.

She did say that an unexpected benefit was that she spent less on clothes, both time and money. The decision as to what to wear every morning was largely made, and after a week or two she never worried about wearing much the same thing every day. She always looked professional, and after the first few days, nobody noticed.

Maybe this, or something similar, might work for you.
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