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I've put quite a few big stators in XRs and this is the setup I like best and that has been the most durable.

First I start with a Baja Designs 250w (125w x2) rewound stator. It is the highest output that I've found and in my opinion nobody does it better. This is a dual output stator so I run one output to a B.D. regulator/rectifier (reg/rect is rated at 160w) giving me 125w DC. Here in California to be street legal you have to be able to run your tail light for 20 minutes with the motor off. So I run the DSK and the bike from the DC side, the CDI gets it's power from a third coil on the stator so it's not a factor when calculating the load. The bike, the battery, the blinkers, and tail/stop light take about 30w. I replace the 35w headlight with a 55/60w halogen which means there is 35-40w DC left for heated grips, GPS, iPod, etc.

The second 125w output from the stator I run through an AC regulator (the stock Honda unit will work just fine) and use it to power two 55w halogen projector beam off road lights that I mount up front on a light bar. Ricky Stator makes an excellent product however with only 100w per side you can't run two 55w halogens and the majority of after market halogen lights are 55w. I use an automotive style relay wired so that the off road lights go on when the high beam is switched on. 170w of light make the darkest mountain road or trail on a moonless night a piece of cake.

HID lights (the very best) offer twice as much light from half as much power at about 10x the cost of halogens. If you go with HID you will need an all DC system.
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