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Question Alternative fuel pumps for FI KTM990

I've been held up getting back to this project. If anyone has a bad stock 990 pump that is willing to send it in, I'd like to take one apart.

I've got a few 990 tank blank off plates to swap on an external pump in the works. Keep you posted w/ updates.

Has anyone installed one on a 990. I'm looking into making a fuel tank adaptor plate to use a pump on a FI bike and just want to make sure it would work first. Much cheaper than replacement KTM pumps.

I'd like to mount it outside the tank in the area that the 950 fuel pumps were mounted.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before these start to go. FI is here to stay so let's deal w/ it.

I'd hate to be in the middle of nowhere and have to drain my tank to pull this pump.

I don't have a 990 to work w/ or on so that's where I need your help.
If you think it's a waist of time say so.

Stock pump:

61007088100FUEL PUMP 06$540.00

I'd think if an external pump for about $75-100 would work, a regulator if need be and an adaptor plate would work for about $200-250 it would be worth while. From then on all you would need is a new pump if it fails.

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