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Ya, I guess you're correct. I didn't figure in the fittings, filter and stuff.

This is what I made to fit my Aqualine tanks after finding the the peice of inner tube rubber they give you as a seal failed, only to find about 5 gallons of fuel on the garage floor in morning. Good thing I don't smoke.

I'm not 100% sure this would fit on a 990, but it work on these tanks meant to fit the stock pump.

After looking into the cost of materials and time, about $50 sounds real close for the plate and viton O-ring.

An older model pump from a FI sport bike like you said might work.

If someone needs a plate and wants to run w/ this idea testing pumps and whatnot let me know. I could make another up for test purposes, before I make a larger batch.

I would think that this "kit" would be put on "Before" the stock dies if heading out on a long trip. If anything just carry another pump, easier to install like the 950 version.

Originally Posted by Head2Wind
From what I have found so far, and I have been looking at this for the non EFI (950) for a while now, it is going to be ~300 or so to come up with a complete replacement solution with a external pump with return fuel regulation inclusive of a interface plate for the 990 fuel tank. it could be field installed, however I think that replacing the stock system with a improved external system would be my preference rather than trying to fix it in a remote area.

total system components:
fuel pump: ~$100
regulator: ~$100
990 tank plate: ~$50 (total guess)
fuel filter: ~$20
various fittings and hoses: ~$30

thoughts CJ? am I way off costs? is there another way?

I know that the FI in my old CBR600 FI tank mounted pump (and many other M/C systems) just dead headed to the fuel rail without return fuel to the tank like in a car, so maybe return fuel and adjustable FPR is not necessary.
Would something like this bolt on to the stock tanks?

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