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No that wouldnt have worked. The engine ran perfectly normally. Flawlessly in fact. Then you would pull up to a light and it wouldnt idle. It would run if you goosed it, but it would stall if you let it idle. After two or three times I found out if you turned the ignition off and then restarted: it ran perfectly. Until the next time it stalled. You could bring it to the dealer and they couldnt find anything wrong. They said: bring it to us when it happens. They were to far away for that to be possible.
There was the sparkplug fix, the "latest software" fix, the premium gas fix, the regular gas fix. The problem was it happened intermittently. Most of the time the engine ran fine. I never found out what did it. Completely beyond the home mechanic and completely beyond the dealer. After three or four times at the dealer you got the evil eye because they though you were screwing with them or you were an idiot. Ive heard the wiring harness chaffed where it runs to the ignition switch on some bikes. I guess thats a possibility.
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