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That's not dumb at all...

Originally Posted by raider
Dumb question time - what do you put in tank panniers? Are they for heavy stuff, like fuel and water, or light stuff that won't fit somewhere else?
Either. Both. I use panniers on my GS instead of a tank bag, so they have everything that would normally go in my tank bag - a bottle of water (when I'm not going on a long enough ride to warrant a larger quantity), maps, snacks, camera, small tripod, tire gauge, sunglasses, my mp3 player and earmolds when I'm not using them, helmet shield cleaning supplies, etc, etc.

If you're carrying heavy stuff (like a couple liter bottles of fuel or something like that) it's best to sort of balance the weight between the two sides.

I'm interested in the Wolfman coated ballistic tank panniers - anybody got those on a V-Strom, especially with Givi crashbars?
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