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Pissed Here we go again...

I had an '01 F650 single that did the surge and stall thing. As a long time rider I thought I had a fair idea of what I was doing but BMW decided I didn't know how to ride , bullshit. After a couple of software updates it ran fairly well. One day when my wife was riding the bike on the way to the shop, to let them fix one of their goofs, it stalled again at a stop light. Light went green, I took off and traffic started coming down the hill. Unfortunately the bike stalled and there was this green minivan bearing down on my wife, at the last moment it changed lanes. You can't imagine how I felt at that moment. I got to the shop and started yelling at the service writer. The bike stayed at the shop and they sold it for me.

Fast forward to the last month. My wife got a new F650GS twin and it stalls with the clutch in and coming to a stop. The bike's got about 300 miles on it and it's happened 5-6 times and my wife was starting to doubt herself but I've done this dance with BMW before. They better fix this fucking thing!
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