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By this time I was feeling Sooo much better....the quick fix answer to blues....the weather was perfect, with just a hint of storm clouds building, the roads were perfect and as far as we went there were birds in abundance...awesome.

For the first time Jnr said his butt was starting to hurt So we pulled over for more pictures!!

It was around here where we took a wrong turn and headed off in the wrong direction. The GPS just shrugged and "recalculated".... me pressed the buttons, but no answers were coming from Mr Garmin, my new toy that can pinpoint us anywhere on the planet...yes you still need humans, how else are you going to get lost!!.
I shrugged too, from here on we wing it, more my stylee ......our adventure can start for real now!!

All the hills in the distance are a good indication that we are nowhere near where were planning to go, so it must be a good time to take more pictures (lots of)!!

It was also around this time that the road started deteriorating, exactly the type of terrain we were looking for, just not here!!

More mountains this is not right. For a split second I thought about turning back.
Naaah....real men don't backtrack!!

2 1/2 hours into this trip and we've not seen any turn offs for quite a while. The road lies like a ribbon down in the valley. The GPS has us floating in air and refuses to believe we are on an actual road ..stupid electronic device....I am sure there is a link to a marked route further on...

The road was fun complaints there!!

Then it stopped!!

We came to a small, mostly deserted, village and was told that this is where the road ends. This was a bit worrisome as it meant we had to backtrack, and I can clearly remember not passing any gas stations for the last 3 hours.....Mmm....this has the potential to get interesting.
I checked mobile reception and got a good signal, so at least we could call if we ran out of gas, not sure where the gas should be brought to, but at least we can give them GPS coordinates.....

An hour later we found telephone lines and a road things were looking up.......uhmm.......then the reserve light comes on far does these things go on reserve??
Now if I only filled up this morning...
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