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Sorry kids, I have a knack for going the wrong way. I headed straight instead of turning on Moody because I always go straight. Then I started to say to myself, either they are riding REALLY fast or I'm going the wrong way. Then I noticed only one set of fresh tracks on the SCD, and said hmm I don't think so. So I started back, wondering where the guys behind me were. Then I KNEW I went the wrong way. I headed down Moody's until I got to the mine. I then remembered something about the 49'er and a pretty girl, so I headed there. Had some coffee, figuring you may show. No show, so down Soledad to Indain Cyn. Up Indian to SCD, then explored an old abandon fire road off the other side of the tanks and tower. Got a little too knarly for being by myself, so headed back to SCD. Passed a KTM and Honda going up. Then stopped at the Wildlife Waystation to hear the lions roar. I love that sound! Down to 7/11 for two hot dogs, and slabbed it back to Temple City.

Don't ever worry about me. If I get lost, its because I have a bad habit of making assumptions that often are not true, and follow them into stupid land. I mean when we road in Gorman I just had to do this hill climb first, and of course get stuck, just as everyone was leaving camp for a ride, and didn't notice me missing, until it was too late. So I rode most of the day by mmyself, although that meant I got to ride Frazier, and East Tejon.
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