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Originally Posted by raider
Thanks! I hate tankbags, but like their utility. I'm currently trying to think of clever ways to prep for a big desert trip planned for August, which will require me to be self-sufficient for water for two days in very hot temperatures - so, at least ten litres. Currently I plan to wear a 2L Camelbak, with a second 2L Camelbak strapped to the rack, two 1.5L plastic bottles in the panniers, and a 5L container on the rack, giving me 12L. But this is cumbersome and displaces a lot of stuff, so maybe tank panniers are my answer.
Check out Mountain Sun:

Jim's tank panniers will accommodate a 2L Camelbak on each side in its own compartment with a tunnel for the drinking tube to exit from the bag. I've had a set for about four years and have been very happy with them. The tank pannier will hold a metric shitload of stuff on top of that and one of them turns into a little backpack (I've never performed that feat of magic, but I'll take his word for it). There are a lot more compartments than in the Aerostich or Wolfman tank panniers, so you can organize your stuff somewhat effectively, instead of having it all jumbled up in one big compartment. Highly recommended!
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