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T-Dub pros & cons....

Bike has been around for almost 25 years, so it has got to be pretty reliable.
I like the tire sizes for dirt riding and they seem OK for pavement, too.

Trans is close-ratio, and you have to change gearing at the rear sprocket unless you are willing to split the cases to change counter-shaft.
Bike does not have a low enough first gear. (Go to a 55 tooth rear sprocket, minimum...58 teeth will put 2nd where 1st was "stock"....)
Oil cap. is only ONE quart.
If you off-road you NEED chains from brake pedal and toe of shifter to somepalce on the frame so you don't jam a sage bush or sapling in there.
Front fender clearance is so minimal you probalby cannot run ice studs with factory front fender.
George Jetson styling SUCKS.
Factory sprockets and drive chain will wear or stretch and need replacement sooner than they should. (DID is GOOD chain...)
Sprocket/hub bolts are a rattle-fit.
I drilled over-size and file-fit larger grade 5 or 8 SAE bolts & aircraft locknuts.

"Is it worth it?":
We'll have to see....I have just got my T-Dub "hacked" by Dauntless, and have a new, fine LL front end that HAS clearance and won't jam a pebble between tire and fender.
Bike seems to have adequate power w/ 58 to 60 tooth rear sprocket for a light hack, but I don't know for sure, yet.
It IS quiet and reliable and doesn't handle poorly.
I can't swing the $ and time of a URal, as well as the heavier weight, and I have bet my time and paltry "treasure" that the little T-Dub will be all I really NEED.

Time will tell.....
Paradox Pete (pix of my T-Dub are over on the hack forum....)
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