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Originally Posted by picoda
On the road to Durban

Distance from Joburg to Durban is 520 km. But, not for us. We do the same distance in almost 900 km because Ivanís story is: ďon the road only if you mustĒ.


The river

Yes! Gravel road. That is what we want.

Blue farm with happy people.

Again, few hundred meters on the road. Big signs. Very good for the sun.

We need some fuel. He need some money.


Letís go!

Wrong way. Letís go back. If you can see, we have GPS, but we are not good with that things. We are trying to find Ivanís friend farm.

This is our GPS.

We ask again.

Janís farm

This sign in the middle of nowhere. BMW off road academy on the farm from the stories. The owner is Jan, Ivanís friend, farmer and off road instructor. More about the farm and the academy from the photos.

The farm

There is no gold here like before. So, you must try some new methods to find it.

BMW Off Road Academy

More Academy

Can you come to the off road academy and not try the tracks. No,no.

We are playing few hours. After the lunch and cold beer we are ready to go. It is already afternoon and still long way to go.

Let's go!

In a small town Wakkerstroom we meet John. He is the butcher, property manager and tourist guide. I think that nobody buy properties here and there is no tourists. So, meet John the Butcher.

One more beer. It is really hot here.

Kwa Zulu Natal. The land of Zulu people.

Typical village

Typical house

Modern type

I am somewhere near Amsterdam. Hallucination.

Stop. Powered by Black Label.

The place where was big battle between Holland and Zulu people.


The police. Where are you from? Croatia. What? Croatia. Hmm? Letís take photo!

On the end of the day we have rain, night and fog. Good combination. Last 50 km we decide to ride on the highway. My fuel is low and there is no gas station, so we come out from the highway to find one. Transalp is empty. You donít want to run out of fuel in the night. Especially in some of the strange small towns in Zulu Land. I shake the Transalp few times and somehow we came to some small scary gas station. Half in the dark with ten young Zulu people in the front. When we come they look at us like we are coming from space. After few moments they are start to smile and you can see that first impression is not always right.

So, after long day and almost 900 km we come to Umhlanga near Durban. Small tourist town on the coast of Indian Ocean. We will sleep in the apartment of Ivanís family and that will be our base next two days.

next................ Durban and Amanzimtoti

Hi there. Excellent photos and a nice yourney through a part of our country. I must comment on the animal tails. Have you checked oxtail? It's like the backbones, the spine. This is definitely not it. What they're showing you here can be 1 of 2 things. One is the bull's penis, which is more likely. They use it as muti (medicine). The other is they cut the skin of hippopottamus into such strips, to use it as sjamboks (similar to a cane, to whip someone). No wonder he looked surprised at you.
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