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Originally Posted by Bucko
Hey MNB,

How long does it take to install/remove the Caribou rack system from your GS? I'm intrigued by the quick release SW Motech system, but if the Caribou's have a stronger rack it might be worth a few minutes to put them on. I assume the bags attach/detach rapdily, no?


It would be a bit of a pain to remove the rack. It's doable, but it's really designed to be installed and left on the bike.

You could probably leave it in one piece and just unbolt it, but you'd need to replace some of the stock hardware and moving the hardware would probably cause wear on the silicon sealing that you put in some of the joints during assembly (to prevent water getting inside and rusting things.

I spent about 3 hours putting it on originally, but I took breaks and such. If you wanted to remove and reinstall, you could do it in maybe ... 30 minutes, perhaps less once you got used to it.

I plan on just leaving the rack on for the rare cases where I'm riding without the panniers (eg: leave the bags at camp and go out riding).
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