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Originally Posted by Sycamore
Anyone who has ridden multiple-day rally(e) events (Oz Safari etc) in mid-to-hot climates, what was your gear set-up (rider-wear)?

Riding for a day is one thing, but I guess for 5 days or more, comfort and wearability becomes a big issue - chafing / pressure points/weight distribution etc.
I'm talking about something like a 5-day event, 2,000km, desert.

Undershirt? Chest protector vs. pressure suit vs. built-in jacket armor? Jacket or no jacket (cool mornings, hot afternoons)? External Camelbak backpack or in-jacket water reservoir? Full knee brace or in-boot shin/knee guard? Elbows?
Any info would be useful, or a full description of gear, inner to outer layer would be good.

I went with a pressure suit...u can get away with wearing nothing under them if its a good quality one. Think light colours as well...white boots, light pants and jacket...steer clear of basic black. Same goes with the helmet.

I usually go for a camelbak with 3 litre capacity (as spec'd be the rules). It also has enogh room for the tube/spares. Tools I fender/frame mounted.

A bike specific camelbak is far more comfortable than a generic hiker type. Over 4500 kms/7 days on the '08 Safari, I rarely noticed my pack, except when trying to open zips with tired fingers!
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