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Hmm... this is an interesting question, this is what I wear. I have not done 5 days, and 2000km with it, but I'm confident this would do me well.

Sorry, no frontal shots as I am usually the one with the camera!

Boots - Motocross boots, or lately I have been testing the KLIM GTX boots and they are working great. They are designed as a winter boot with a gore-tex liner and thinsulate, but they breath really well. I have down 2 days rides in +30deg heat and humidity and have not been overly hot.

Knee guards, that have shin protectors in them.

Padded shorts - via SixSixOne

Pants - Klim Dakar Pants, love them zippered panels

Elbow pads - SixSixOne

Clima-dry/cool-max T-shirt under Clima-Dry/cool-max Jersey

TekVest by Tekrider - fantastic piece of armour. The new ones are made with Coolmax liners, and it can be purchased to fit a Leatt Brace (I was a demo for one)

Leatt Neck Brace

Klim Dakar Gloves

My only complaint with all the above is the knee guards from 661, when work with motocross boots they stay in place. Without the tall boots they tend to slide down.

No chaffing, no hot spots, nothing with any of the other gear.

The TekVest has a large pocket on the back panel for a camel back (3L), plus multiple pockets and adjustability.

In talking with Scott Harden about gear, you will notice all the Dakar riders are wearing jackets - the rationale is that the jackets will block the wind and some of the heat from riding in the desert, and yet still be breathable enough. I noticed that Jonah Street is wearing a modified KLIM Valdez Parka. This is a 3ply gore-tex jacket, so case in point, what one would think would be a winter piece of gear is being used for the desert.

I have a pressure suit as well, but no longer use it as I found it was crazy hot, and find the TekVest offers a level of protection I am comfortable with and more ventilation than I had, so I am happy.
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