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I done the Safari last year. I went through a few different idea's but after 7000km's between the pre-safari rides and the event itself, i ended up with the following (ground up)

FOX F3 boots - Due to their stiff design i can relax my ankles when I stand.

FOX thigh high sock - As i wear knee braces.

Astrix Knee Braces - They are super comphy over long days!

Nics - These are the padded shorts for riding bicycles.

Under boot MX style pants - These dont get caught up in tree's or the bike.

Thermal long sleeve shirt - Best anti-chaffing protection!

AXO pressure suit - This is the best armour i found to use with the Leatt!

Leatt Neck Brace - Just cause i like walking soooo much!

KTM Rallye jacket - Fits great and has so many useull pockets!

FOX gloves - Unsure of make but they have the carbon fibre knuckles.

MEDICAL TAPE - over the usual blister points.

MSR Rev3 Helmet - This helmet fits my head, but im looking at the Arai's now!

Scotts Desert Goggles - These goggles are the best ive used for keeping the sand out and they still dont fog up!

Anyway thats that i usually wear, for rally's! Everything is usually the same when i got for a small ride but i wear a jersey instead of the jacket! Camel back is a must, and go for something that can hold a fair bit of gear! And there are two rules i stick to

1- Always keep the weight off yourself. Put it on the bike any way possible!

2 - CHAP STICK!!! The KTM Rallye jacket has a cool little pocket just for it!

Safari 2011 ! ........anticipation!
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