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Balancing ?

What a fantastic piece of work! Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

I ordered new Avon Distanzia's from the Motorcycle Superstore. They matched the lowest on-line price I could find and shipped for free. No local dealers could touch the pricing. Furthermore, no local dealers would touch my GSA to mount them! They claimed they didn't have the "wherewithall" to do it. I called the closest BMW dealer(about a 3.5 hour ride way) and they wanted $70/tire + tax(+ travel time + fuel). I decided to jump in and do it myself.

Those 16" curvy tire irons are the deal. I only had one of them with two shorter straight ones(3-pack from Motorcycle Superstore), but could imagine how much easier it would have been with two more 16"ers. Either way, the tire went on with some heavy duty silicon spray and a little effort. BTW, I used WD40 to clean the inside of rim since I know it doesn't affect the dye coloring on my rim. Did a fine job.

I talked to a buddy who knows some riders who also own/run an auto repair service. They claim I do not need to rebalance(continue using the existing weights) the wheels since it is a tubeless tire. I'm wondering if anyone else by-passes this step and what your experience has been???
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