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Around this time of year we wake up to find our valley blanketed in mist on mornings after a clear night sky. The mist usually lifts around 1000am after the sun has had chance to warm the land up. Jump on a bike and ride above it, to a fire watchtower for instance, and the views are quite eerie

Do be polite to the local wildlife on the way though

And you may be rewarded by the sight of two little babes

10kms North is the "marble valley" a shortcut from Dirgenler to Demre which starts off as a beautiful scenic ride

Up in the cliff sides you can see the final resting places of an ancient civilisation, hewn out of solid rock

Venture further along the valley and one can witness marble quarrying on an industrial scale

These blocks are big

We have seen a noticable increase in the expansion of these quarries over the past three years, springing up throughout various valleys. Could be something to do with the amount of development taking place on the coast. Either that or the area is particularly rich in this resource.

Turn right at Demre and you will come to Simena and the uninhabited island of Kekova

and more ancient resting places, some sticking out of the water

Some 2000 plus years ago there was a sizeable earthquake in the area which led to a number of older buildings becoming submerged. The remains of these buildings can be seen on a boat ride

Riding further along the coast will bring you to Kas which has its own strange rock formation

If you look at the cliff directly above the flagpole you should see a mans head, to the right you should be able to make out a shoulder and the rest of a body, the man is laying on his side looking towards you. Or maybeI've just had too many of these


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