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[quote=skibum_1260][quote=guymcfly]I went with a pressure suit...u can get away with wearing nothing under them if its a good quality one.

brands preffered? I never figured you should wear anything under them anyway, they dont look like itd be comfortable to wear a shirt under them!
My current one is a thor impact rig...I think the Axo's are also good. Bpth take the use of a Leatt without any modifying. Both are fine with thermal or t shirt if the weather is a bit on the chilly side. Main thing is the mesh is pretty fine weave...makes them non abrasive on the skin.

Boots wise I've used Sidi Crossfires for quite sometime. They are awesome for amount of ankle protection they give. Like my good buddy Inertia, I go for the Asterisk knee brace...and hardly know I'm wearing them. I also have a KTM Rallye Jacket, and like Inertia also use Fox gloves, but don't use tape because I have manly hands, unlike fairy fingers over there
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