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Originally Posted by Wanderingman
I talked to a buddy who knows some riders who also own/run an auto repair service. They claim I do not need to rebalance(continue using the existing weights) the wheels since it is a tubeless tire. I'm wondering if anyone else by-passes this step and what your experience has been???
I don't agree with the thought that you don't need to rebalance because it is a tubeless tire.

When the tire maker 'marks' the light spot on a tire it allows you to position the tire on the wheel to minimize the amount of weight needed. Once you locate the true heavy spot of the bare wheel and determine how much weight the wheel needs to balance, you can often remount the same brand/model of tire without much change.

I've tried many different tires on our machines (and mounted tires for other folks) and in my experience, only Metzeler and Bridgestone mark the tire. I've never seen marks on Michelin (Anakee & Pilot Road), Conti (RA & TA) or Avon (Storm & Azarro). Dunno about Dunlop, etc...

When remounting Tourance on my GS, or Z6 on mrs word1's Roadster, the amount and location of wheel weights doesn't change much. However, when remounting Conti Road Attacks on my GS, or Avon Storm on the Roadster it's a total crap shoot: the location and amount of wheel weight is completely random. I suspect I could dismount & spin the tire on the rim, but it's not worth the effort for me.

FWIW, I check balance every time I mount a tire. It doesn't take much time (thanks, Marc Parnes ) so why not?

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