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Just leave well-enough alone....

This is my answer to both of the questions most recently presented.

Move the thread? Nah, I'm betting that this thread will get enough activity to stay in the top 3 pages of Thumpers for quite some time. These little bike are a hot item and many are still unmodified.
If you post it, they will read...

I've got 2 TW's. One has the stock gearing and the other has the stocker up front and a 45 tooth out back. I like the stock set up better. The stock set-up gives me a better ability to crawl around in first gear and stay on the pegs in the really tight or difficult situations. The 14/45 requires a bit more speed and skill. I don't ride over 65 EVER on my TW and I usually stay under 55...
In deep sand a first gear take off is easier with the lower stock gearing and once you get through the gears you'll find that the bike has enough power to glide in 4th or 5th where the bike that are geared higher will run out of power in 3rd or 4th. Top speed in deep sand is higher with stock gears than with the 14/45.

FYI: The TW has one of the widest range of gear ratios around. The ratios between 1st and 5th are greater than most bike range between 1st and 6th. It's not a "close-ratio" gear box.
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