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Originally Posted by Surfn54
Pete, Thanks for the help!
Let me try to reply one at a time here:
1) I am happy with the TW.....It is what it is.....I have had lots of bikes and yes If you want to go lots faster, then get another bike.
I just wanted to strike that mysterious improvement balance!
2) I have already decided to replace the chain, but what did you finally decide on the rear? Also, on the front...Did you keep the front 14 or go to 15?
3) The TW200Forum is broken. New guys like meself cannot join, so thats why I came over here. (Whoever runs it will not respond to the join approval process)
I have read every thread possible on this subject ( I think) But its not very consistent and few back up there opinions with any real good explanation. Your response is good and clear.

Thanks again,

I recently joined but dont like the forum very much. I asked about going to the 47 tooth in back (doing that and leaving the stock front seems best for just commuting and playin in the dirt isn't as high on the priority list as commuting for me).

Instead of just a yes or no whether I could keep the stock chain and do that, i just got "replace the chain it sucks" and "who knows", etc. instead of just answering the damn question.

I'll be doin the 47 at some point but 55mph seems like it will be fine as is and after my quick test ride, i need to do something about the lack of braking before I worry about going faster
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